Chris Brewer


I am honoured to be a Patron of Disability Africa. 

I have known Ric for many years. Before he founded Disability Africa, he was Director of Challengers, another charity for disabled young people which our Company chose to support as the main beneficiary in its Centenary Year in 2004; we funded the purchase of a new centre for disabled young people in Farnham, Surrey. During that time I came to understand Ric's enthusiasm for promoting and practicing Inclusion to help disabled children and their families. 

When he moved on to apply his experience in Africa, I was excited to extend our partnership from the UK to the African continent. I am particularly pleased to support Disability Africa because of their commitment to supporting families in the most difficult of circumstances and because their projects are 'templates' which can be easily replicated and spread to other African countries. 

Chris Brewer was Chairman of Brewers, a chain of decorators' merchants with over 150 branches in the UK. His family trust has supported many causes, including the Institute of Child Health - funding a support network for programmes for disabled people throughout the countries of Africa.