Our Mission

To work with communities to explore causes which exclude disabled young people. To challenge conventional attitudes and practice to inform, inspire and deliver change because we believe that an approach that includes disabled children will be better for all children. 

Our Vision

Disability Africa is working towards an inclusive global society in which the attitudes of the non-disabled are no longer barriers to the life-chances of those with impairments; where equity of opportunity exists for disabled people and societies recognise the benefits to all of Inclusive thinking and action. 

End their isolation

Disabled children the world over are isolated by social convention, stigma and because of prejudice and lack of knowledge. A direct consequence is comprehensive deprivation. Deprivation of meaningful stimulus and interaction with family and community ; deprivation of health care and education, and even deprivation of food.

The first priority for disabled children in African countries, is to end their isolation.

We are developing a template of actions which aims to reduce isolation and produce benefits for disabled young people as quickly as possible.