Our Projects

At Disability Africa, we harness the power of play to end the isolation and abuse of disabled children.

By establishing simple, affordable, locally-run Playschemes, we offer disabled children a space to have fun, make friends, and enjoy being a child. Playschemes immediately end a disabled child’s isolation and help to change negative attitudes. Our Playschemes also act as sustainable community hubs for the delivery of vital educational, medical, and social services, ensuring that disabled young people and their families are seen and supported. We call these ‘Inclusion Projects’.

We work with local people and organisations so that we can mobilise sustainable local support for our Inclusion Projects. By working at a grassroots level - combining locally-led advocacy with community-based service delivery - we have shown that we can make profound improvements to disadvantaged young lives. In the process, we are building stronger, more inclusive communities from which everyone can benefit.

[Disabled children] are humans, and I want them to feel belonging, to feel like they are equally part of the society. To be loved and cared for also. I also want the world to know that they are part of the human race and they are not what society thinks they are.
— Playworker at the Sierra Leone Inclusion Project

We are currently in four countries: