Damon Hill


Disabled young people all over the world face unfair inequality of opportunities, but in parts of Africa conditions can be unimaginably hard. I believe we have an obligation to help if we can. 

Real progress has been made to recognise the rights of disabled children in wealthier parts of the world, but this progress needs to be recreated everywhere. Nowhere is this more crucial than in Africa. 

I support Disability Africa because they focus on real partnership with local people and they recognise that changing hearts and minds is as crucial in the fight against prejudice as providing practical help to children that need it . I have personal experience of the team over many years and so I have total faith in their commitment and ability to do what is right. 

But Disability Africa need a bit of help to achieve their objectives. It would be great if you could lend a hand. Any contribution will be gratefully received and efficiently put to work. Please get involved and help change lives for the better.