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Malanga is an isolated, rural area in Kilifi County, Kenya. The population is around 12,000; 64% of people in the area are aged 19 or younger. There are more than 600 children and young people with impairments and more than 200 with severe impairments living in this area.

The challenge

There is no educational provision available for disabled children. In fact, the participation of disabled children in their communities and in education is extremely limited. Most are hidden in their homes, receiving no education, healthcare or social interaction.  The Malanga Inclusion Project, Disability Africa’s newest project, aims to end their isolation and meet their needs.

The solution

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Playschemes for disabled children have been established in three local primary schools. Putting a disabled child into a mainstream class after years of isolation can be cruel. That's why Playschemes are being delivered in the schools all year round, ensuring disabled children are supported in a loving and appropriate educational environment. Some disabled children will be gradually supported to participate in mainstream classes by Playworkers and school staff. Teachers, volunteers, non-disabled pupils, parents and community members in general are being educated in the principles and benefits of inclusion, the value of play, and the rights and needs of disabled children. This level of support for disabled children is unprecedented in this area. 

A regular community-based physiotherapy programme has also been established. The project is assisting children to access much needed medical care. Mobility aids and medication are also provided as available and appropriate.

Be a part of this Inclusion Movement...

Just £5 a month could support a disabled child in Kenya to regularly attend school for the first time. You could change a life today!

Jefwa and Baraka, Playworkers at Malanga Primary School, talking about how play changes negative attitudes: