Ric Law


Ric founded Disability Africa in 2011 and has served as its Director ever since. 

He started his working life as a Drama and English teacher in a comprehensive school that included disabled young people. 

He later became CEO of Disability Challengers. During the 13 years he was there, turnover went from £160k to £1.1m and families served rose from 70 to over 1000. It was at Challengers, that Ric did most of his thinking and training on Inclusion. "It's the simple concept that turned out to take up a large part of my life." he says. 

Ric went on to do three years working on International Development projects with the COINS Foundation mostly in Africa. During this time he attempted to apply what he'd learned about Inclusion to African projects and explored ideas around Inclusive Community Development. The plight of disabled young people in Africa is unimaginably hard and Ric left COINS to found Disability Africa. "We should try to do things comparatively quickly," he says, "I want to see if we can develop a 'replicable template' of Inclusive development in African communities."