Disability Africa is working with local people in The Gambia and Zambia to raise awareness of the rights and needs of disabled young people. 


We are working with disabled young people, their families and local organisations to develop a range of services to improve their life-chances.

We believe that the services for disabled young people should be the same services that should exist for the whole community; education, child-care, health services and leisure. 

Whilst we run playschemes to have an immediate impact, our strategy also provides for a more solid future. We are working to build Day-Care Centres where disabled children can be looked after while their parents work.

The Centres will also provide a parental support and training programs for community volunteers; regular physiotherapy and a surgery for monthly visits by a doctor; and the base for a schools’ outreach programme as preparation to start selecting and preparing children who attend the Centre to be included in mainstream schools.

It is crucial that alongside these practical programmes, we also deliver training programmes and other events to help change attitudes to disabled children.

Many people consider that children with impairments are difficult and 'specialist' cases and too often this means that they are not included in development projects or service plans. We recognise that to change the attitudes of a community towards disability is the most significant step we can take to creating sustainable change.