Parenting is the hardest job in the world. Some things make it even harder

Being a parent is probably the hardest job in the world. It’s a huge responsibility - with that responsibility comes worry. 

Nothing else stops when you have a child - all the cooking, cleaning and work continues. You just have to find the time. And being a parent isn’t a job in the sense that you get any money. It’s quite the opposite!

It’s true that being a parent of a disabled child is even harder because society places barriers in the way of disabled people and their families. In fact, research shows that a disabled person (or their parents) in the UK has to spend £550 a month more than a non-disabled person. There is no doubt that being disabled, or being a parent of a disabled child is difficult and more expensive but in countries like the UK, at least there is some ‘safety net’ either provided by the government or by charities.

In low-income countries, governments remain distant - there is no safety net. Disabled people and their families in the poorest communities are the most disadvantaged people on the planet. 
Often, families of disabled children are excluded from their communities unless they ‘get rid’ of their child. These negative attitudes have a massive impact, adding extra stress and pressure on these isolated parents. 

A parent wants nothing more than to have a happy, healthy child. But sometimes, parents find it incredibly difficult to understand their child’s impairment and to know how to help. This is especially true of parents in developing countries. 

Disability Africa supports families across Africa. We provide them with information about their children’s impairments and bring together parents to share experiences and support each other. Just by providing information, emotional support and encouraging discussion, the lives of frequently neglected disabled children will improve. 

When parents have greater knowledge, they will be empowered to stand up for their children’s rights, playing a leading role in the creating more inclusive communities.

It costs just £14.70 a month to run Parent Support Meetings for the year - improving their lives and the lives of their children...

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