Disability Africa Launches Campaign

Disability Africa is currently running a campaign to raise £8,000 for a unique playground. The playground is specially designed to offer a wide range of exciting challenges to disabled children at our newly built Inclusion Centre in The Gambia – and we need your help…

Watch the below video to find out more about our plans.

There are many disabled children across Africa – often they are locked away in their own homes with no chance of making friends or going to school. More often than not, they are kept isolated in their houses with very little social interaction, no healthcare – they are often even deprived of food. We know that this must change. That is why we are building this unique playground which will allow us to bring disabled children out of isolation to enjoy play in a safe inclusive environment which will radically change their life experience.

All children love to play and playschemes provide an opportunity for children to learn through fun. In turn, this improves their communication skills, coordination, helps them make friends and it helps parents and other family members begin to change their expectations of their children.

But, most importantly, it changes negative attitudes. Members of the community get to know and work with disabled children – this positive experience changes their views on disability, removing stigma and creating a generation without prejudice. This means that disabled children will no longer be isolated, they will be a part of their community.

The Playground

The playground specifically helps disabled children develop strength, physical coordination and social skills in a really fun environment.

We are going to build a 1.9m high play structure, accessible to wheelchair users so that disabled children – many of whom don’t get the opportunity to experience the excitement of heights – can play and make friends.

The ‘tight-rope’ and ‘wobbly’ bridges help disabled children improve their walking; the circuit encourages children to play ‘chasing’ and group games, which develop their communication and social skills.

The playground will also include a double-width seesaw and a ‘birds-nest’ swing for children who need extra support or struggle to sit up.

We will also provide a huge range of toys and other play materials. This will included a range of trikes and bikes which are adapted to allow two children to ride together. This naturally encourages children to support each other and share play experiences. This is the best way for children to get to know and understand one another.

With your help we can transform disabled children’s lives for the better, breaking down stigma and encouraging a new way of Inclusive thinking, while the children develop the essential basic skills for adulthood.

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