Our top 5 achievements for 2016 - the year we changed more lives than ever before

‘Changing children’s lives’ isn’t just a catchy slogan.

How would you cope with a broken leg for 4 years?

Have you ever broken a bone? If not, the chances are you know someone who has.

Parenting is the hardest job in the world. Some things make it even harder

It’s true that being a parent of a disabled child is even harder because society places barriers in the way of disabled people and their families.

Beyond patriotism: what the Rio Paralympics really showed us

Beyond patriotism: what the Rio Paralympics really showed us

An examination of the Paralympic medal table from a global perspective paints a bleak picture. Para-sport is illustrative of an enduring problem of social injustice. But sport, and play, must also be part of the solution. 

Disabled children are abused and abandoned in institutions around the world

We know things are bad in orphanages and institutions for disabled young people – but did we know they were as bad as this?

Teaching inclusion, one class room at a time

Want to be part of the Inclusion Club? We knew you would.

Playschemes: making childhoods happy

Play is crucial to an inclusive future

There's more to December than Christmas - we can't ignore World Disability Day

3rd December is a day of huge significance

Building an inclusive world is a formidable task but it'll be well worth it

On a recent field trip to Zambia and Kenya our thoughts about Inclusion were challenged.

'I thought my child was a devil'

This isn’t what you expect any parent to say of their own child. However, in many African communities, when the child in question is disabled, this is not unusual. We heard this particular statement from a father at our most recent Parent Support Meeting in Gunjur, The Gambia. But we have heard it before. And it matters – a lot – because it is these persistent and negative attitudes that isolate and disable people with impairments.

A country of contrasts: Kenya's forgotten children

Our Project Development Officer for East Africa explores inequality, poverty and disability in rural Kenya  

Our thoughts this World Mental Health Day

Chained to a tree in all weathers for years on end in order to ‘cure’ people with mental health issues

Poverty tourism: harming the people you want to help

To allow our projects to become poverty tourism attractions would reinforce the models of charity, unequal relationships and double standards that we reject and deplore. 

The Paralympics in Rio could change the way people think for good

Rio could have a greater legacy than London.